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American Sign Language And Deafness Essay - 1438 Words

American Sign Language and Deafness in American Culture Deafness has been an obstacle thousands of people have had to overcome since the dawn of time. Even in the not so distant past, the future was typically very bleak for individuals who were born or became deaf. However, the future of an individual who is Deaf has become much brighter due to the development of American Sign Language. As the name describes, this language relies solely on visible movements and facial expressions with no auditory expression needed. American Sign Language, often abbreviated ASL, is as complex and complete as any vocal language and is complete with its own sentence structure pattern. ASL is often the language of choice for deaf individuals living in the United States. As reported by the National Census of the Deaf Population, there are nearly half a million people who use sign language as their predominant language. The majority of deaf people were originally born hearing. Although people can be born deaf, many become deaf due to an accident, illness, or old age. A deaf individual can sometimes continue through life relying solely on an auditory language with the help of hearing aids and other assistance. However, when students learn ASL they also discover the deaf community and the rich vibrant culture that accompanies it. Many communities with large percentages of deaf individuals have very close deaf communities where all the individuals know each other and can meet upShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Deafness On Deaf Children1669 Words   |  7 PagesDeafness has been viewed as a negative label regarding someone with a hearing loss. The term Deaf is considered to be a disability solely on the fact that an individual who is Deaf is not â€Å"normal† due to their hearing loss. Most individuals do not believe that there are any benefits or positives from being Deaf, nor do they believe that a Deaf individual will ever be able to live a happy and fulfilled life. Deaf individuals do not view themselves as disabled nor do they view their lives as a lossRead MoreDeafness Has Been A Negative Label. Being Deaf Is Considered1528 Words   |  7 PagesDeafness has been a negative label. Being Deaf is considered to be a disability solely on the belief that an individual who is Deaf is not â€Å"normal† due to their hearing loss. Most individuals do not believe that there are any benefits or positives from being Deaf, nor do they believe that a Deaf individual will ever be able to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, Deaf individuals do not view themselves as disabled nor do they view their lives lacking anything, rather they view their DeafnessRead MoreDeafness : What It Is?1083 Words   |  5 Pages What is deafness? Deafness is very different to people’s general perception of what it actually is. The most common view is that it is a complete loss of hearing however deafness is defined as the lack or loss of the ability to hear. You can either be born deaf or gradually lose the ability to hear later on in life (Presbycusis). Pre natal or congenital causes of deafness may be due to a specific X chromosome being passed on through generations of familiesRead MoreThe Strive For Perfection. We Live In A World That The1701 Words   |  7 Pagesmost things, if you look different than the majority you get discriminated. Deafness is viewed as a disability that needs to be fixed, due to a hearing society where hearing is the norm. Deafness is at a threat for extinction, due to the push to â€Å"fix† it. Sometime in the near future with genetic testing targeting to remove the deaf gene, could inversely cause the extinction of not only Deafness, but American Sign Language as well as the Deaf c ommunity. Therefore, the attempt to be normal threatensRead MoreEssay on Communication for the Deaf: Oralism and Manaulism1693 Words   |  7 Pages Imagine trying to learn a new language, making the correct tongue movements, controlling the airflow through your mouth, and voicing the correct sound and tone. Now imagine doing this while not knowing what the word you are saying sounds like. This is what many deaf and hard of hearing people must do to learn how to speak. The technique of teaching deaf people how to speak and read lips is referred to as oralism. It is a hard and laborious method and in the past often had extreme measuresRead MoreThe Effects Of Hearing On Children With Disabilities1453 Words   |  6 Pagesto the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals with disabilities include those who have impairments that substantially limit a major life activity, have a history or record of a substantially limiting impairment, or are regarded as having a disability. Deaf people are limited in some functions because of an impairment of hearing. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports â€Å"deafâ₠¬  individuals do not hear well enough to rely on their hearing to process speech and language; someRead MoreEssay Being Deaf doesnt Mean Being Silent975 Words   |  4 Pagesat all, yet at the same time communicating perfectly. By use of American Sign Language (ASL), many people communicate everyday. They share stories of hope and despair, trade ideas and opinions, cry and laugh. Their difference is one that is important in their lives, yet does not in any way decrease the value of those lives. Deafness is such a unique, insightful, and wonderful loss. It is one with such beauty and meaning. Deafness is one disability that isnt really a disability at all. InsteadRead MoreChildren With Disabilities Act ( Ada )1222 Words   |  5 PagesBefore 1990 the United States did not systematically have tools or laws in place for Deaf individuals. In 1991, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – a civil rights law was implemented across the U.S [with four sections] that pr ohibit discrimination against people with disabilities including deaf and hearing impaired people. The purpose of the ADA is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Each section of the ADA – employment, governmentRead More Deaf Culture Essay1564 Words   |  7 PagesDeaf Culture In mainstream American society, we tend to approach deafness as a defect. Helen Keller is alleged to have said, Blindness cuts people off from things; deafness cuts people off from people. ( This seems a very accurate description of what Kellers world must have been. We as hearing people tend to pity deaf people, or, if they succeed in the hearing world, admire them for overcoming a severe handicap. We tend to look at signing as an inferior substitute for real communicationRead MoreHow the Deaf Communicate in a Hearing World Essay1671 Words   |  7 Pageshearing world and even succeeding far in life in a multitude of ways through communication. Deafness made quite the occurrence long ago in the past. Because being deaf meant resulting in the loss of hearing, others fell ignorant and began to ostracize the deaf (Spencer and Marschark). They did not know how to react to the deaf that is until Plato, a Greek philosopher, wrote on the account of sign language in Ancient Greece which then resulted in a spark in the interests of other philosophers, writers

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A Beautiful Mind, A Film Based On A True Story Of A Famous

A beautiful mind, a film based on a true story of a famous mathematician by the name of John Nash. John goes on to win the Noble-Prize for some of his published mathematical work which he conducted at Princeton University. Unfortunately, John suffered from a psychological disorder which interfered with his personal life, work, and generally every aspect of his life. The psychological disorder which John suffers from is schizophrenia. Although the etiology of schizophrenia is still unknown, it has become a much more treatable and manageable disorder, but still no cure. Throughout the film, John Nash displays some of the classical schizophrenic symptoms. This essay will elaborate more on these symptoms. Furthermore, what could have been†¦show more content†¦This NSA agent, who is a hallucination, tells John that he is the best code breaker the agency has ever seen, and that country’s safety is in his hands. Without doubt, John is displaying one of schizophrenia’s most common symptom. Second, John also displays positive symptoms. According to the abnormal psychology textbook, positive symptoms consist of unusual thoughts, feelings and behaviors. For example, one positive symptom is the presence of delusions, which are fixed beliefs that are not changeable when presented with conflicting evidence (Tirupati et al, 2006, Pg.359). To further illustrate, John’s colleagues and wife start to realize why he has been coming home so late. His wife discovers John’s office filled with newspaper clippings that have gibberish written all over them. Also, John’s wife discovers that he has been delivering the newspaper clippings to an abandoned house. To clarify, John firmly believes that the newspaper clippings are codes that he has solved and believes that he has dropped them off at the agent’s house. Furthermore, John’s wife tries to make him realize that all his so called â€Å"work†, or the newspaper clippings were never read and that he had dropped them off at an abandoned house. This is where the positive symptoms come in. John’s wife has now presented John with conflicting evidence and that everything he is doing is a delusion, but john does not want to believe it, even though theyShow MoreRelatedBrothers Grimm and Beautiful Mind1109 Words   |  5 Pages * A Beautiful Mind Film Analysis A Beautiful Mind Film Analysis This movie is based on the true story of the brilliant mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. He made remarkable advancements in the field of mathematics at a young age and had a very promising future. Unfortunately, John Nash had problems deciphering the difference betwe Premium 855 Words 4 Pages * Film Analysis: a Beautiful Mind WEEK 3 A Beautiful Mind Film Analysis xxxxxx xRead MoreWorld War Ii and Movie Essay example877 Words   |  4 PagesCasablanca Introduction to Film English 225 Professor Stave September 29, 2008 Casablanca The movie, Casablanca, based on the play Everybody Wants to go to Ricks,† still captivates audiences around the world. This movie was a pleasurable afternoon of great movie watching. The setting of the movie is Casablanca, Morocco during the Second World War. Casablanca is the jump off point to get to Spain and then to America. I think that all four factors of a setting have anRead MoreGender and Sexuality as Dipicted in the movie ‘Beautiful Boxer’1245 Words   |  5 PagesBeautiful boxer is a Thai movie revolving around Toom, the protagonist and his struggles throughout life for a sex change. Toom does not want to gain glory by defeating opponents in the ring. He wants to earn enough money to support his family and to get a sec change surgery. Toom’s life goes from his teenage years as a traveling monk, to tough days in boxing camps, to explosive matches where he knocks out most of his opponents across Thailand and Japan. This movie is based on a tru e story of ParinyaRead MoreAnalysis Of The Unfinished Dance, By Margaret O Brien1723 Words   |  7 PagesBlogathon, a three-day event celebrating films that spotlight that beautiful and centuries old form of dance known as ballet. One of the most overlooked Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer films of the 1940s - The Unfinished Dance - just so happens to revolve around ballet, and so I have chosen to call attention to this rarity as well as to Ballerina ( 1937 ) which was based on the same story. Both of these pictures are about a ballet student who accidentally cripples a famous ballerina when she throws the switchRead MoreFrankenstein, By Mary Shelley1376 Words   |  6 Pagesunderstand us won’t have to fear us. The story of Frankenstein could have a deeper meaning that most readers have neglected to catch over the years. Maybe the story of Frankenstein was loosely based on the emotions of Mary Shelley from similar situations she was forced to experience throughout her lifetime. One of her most famous quotes show evidence that she sometimes felt like she was not ordinary in the eyes of most. â€Å"The act of writing may compose the mind†¦ but the boiling of the soul, and quakeRead MorePost Modernism Of Baz Luhrmann s Film Adaptation Of William Shakespeare s Romeo And Juliet3440 Words   |  14 PagesPost-modernism in Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet: a comparison of two creative works from two different periods. In 1996, Baz Luhrmann directed â€Å"Romeo + Juliet†, a modern twist on the famous tragedy play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare in 1597, in which the main characters Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet where portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. While some praise the strange interpretation of the old tale, there are also thoseRead MoreEssay on Aaliyah - Original Writing1652 Words   |  7 Pagesabout the real Aaliyah than any media report could ever attempt. Her tragically shortened life followed the message from within one of her most famous songs, If at first you dont succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. Her Grandmother would tell stories of how she was special straight out of the womb; born with a full head of hair. Aaliyah lived in Brooklyn for five years until, together withRead MoreEssay Witchcraft Portrayed in Films6180 Words   |  25 Pagesby media and popular word of mouth couldnt be more wrong. Norman Cohen in Europes Inner Demons claims that there is no factual basis for any accounts of witches Sabbaths. Written accounts of such events are either `forgeries or the result of stories originated by the church and other authorities as a means of persecuting non orthodox groups. (Russell, page 114) It stems originally from the period of expansion of Christianity, during the third century of the Common Era. Christianity, followingRead MoreAre Happy Endings Possible? Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pagesor â€Å"happily ever after† as young children by watching the famous and well-told love stories created by Walt Disney. Disney movies were simply made to portray magical and imaginative stories that conclude in happy endings. As a child, watching films such as â€Å"Aladdin,† â€Å"The Little Mermaid,† and â€Å"Pocahontas,† all give off feelings of pleasure and happiness in which have lead children to believe that anything is possible. Disney love stories fulfill in the idea that love is real, wonderful, and consistsRead MoreInfluence Of Urban Legends On Various Art Forms Of 21st Century3442 Words   |  14 Pages.......................13 Impact of Urban Legends on Various Art Forms of 21st Century Chapter 1: Introduction Urban legend, urban folklore or urban tale is a form of modern folklore which consists of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true and often possess horror implications that are believable by their audience. An Urban legend necessarily does not originate in the urban area. Urban legends are passed through the years and it depends upon the teller

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Managerial Accounting Solution-Chapter 3,Hilton - 10795 Words

CHAPTER 3 Product Costing and Cost Accumulation in a Batch Production Environment ANSWERS TO REVIEW QUESTIONS 3-1 (a) Use in financial accounting: In financial accounting, product costs are needed to determine the value of inventory on the balance sheet and to compute the cost-of-goods-sold expense on the income statement. b) Use in managerial accounting: In managerial accounting, product costs are needed for planning, for cost control, and for decision making. c) Use in cost management: In order to manage, control, or reduce the costs of manufacturing products or providing services, management needs a clear idea of what those costs are. (d) Use in reporting to interested organizations: Product cost†¦show more content†¦Under actual costing, applied overhead is the product of the actual overhead rate (computed at the end of the period) and the actual amount of the cost driver used. Under normal costing, applied overhead is the product of the predetermined overhead rate (computed at the beginning of the period) and the actual amount of the cost driver used. 3-10 When a single volume-based cost driver is used to apply manufacturing overhead, the managerial accountants primary objective is to select a cost driver that varies in a pattern similar to the pattern in which manufacturing overhead varies. Moreover, if a single cost driver is used, it should be some productive input that is common to all of the firms products. 3-11 The benefit of using multiple overhead rates is that the resulting product-costing information is more accurate and more useful for decision making than is the information that results from using a single overhead rate. However, the use of multiple cost drivers and overhead rates is more complicated and more costly. 3-12 The development of departmental overhead rates involves a two-stage process. In stage one, overhead costs are assigned to the firms production departments. First, overhead costs are distributed to all departments, including both service and production departments. Second, costs are allocated from the service departments to the production departments. At the end of stageShow MoreRelatedManagement Accounting: Information for Creating Value and Managing Resources9692 Words   |  39 PagesCHAPTER 1 MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING: INFORMATION FOR CREATING VALUE AND MANAGING RESOURCES ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 1.1 There are several possible answers to the question. QANTAS, the national airline of Australia, has faced a number of changes to the business environment in recent years, including deregulation of the domestic aviation industry. This resulted in increased competition as new firms attempted to enter the industry. The most notable of these was two failed attempts by Compass to succeedRead MoreCvp Analysis8793 Words   |  36 PagesChapter 8: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. CVP analysis can be used to study the effect of: A. changes in selling prices on a companys profitability. B. changes in variable costs on a companys profitability. C. changes in fixed costs on a companys profitability. D. changes in product sales mix on a companys profitability. E. all of the above. Answer: E LO: 1 Type: RC 2. The break-even point is that level of activity where: A. total revenue equals total cost. B. variableRead MoreWeek 3 Acct25221194 Words   |  5 PagesACCT2522 Management Accounting 1 Session 1, 2013 Tutorial Week 3 – Cost basics Overall Theme We will explore fundamental assumptions of cost functions and discuss the relationships between cost behaviour, cost estimation and cost prediction. The concept of cost driver analysis and its application to cost estimation and cost management will also be discussed. We will also describe how to estimate cost behaviour using managerial judgment, engineering methods and other quantitative techniques. Read Moreintermediate accounting 2 test bank Essay8318 Words   |  34 PagesIntermediate Accounting Kieso 15th Edition Test Bank Click here to download the solutions manual / test bank INSTANTLY!!! ounting-kieso-15th-edition-test-bank.html Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Accounting Accounting Accounting Accounting Kieso Kieso Kieso Kieso 15th Edition Test Bank 15th Edition Test Bank Weygandt Warfield 15th Edition Test Bank Weygandt Warfield 15th Edition Test Bank Read MoreDisadvantages of Budget5256 Words   |  22 Pages Bachelor’s Thesis Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen Sectie: Accounting, Auditing and Control Studie: Bedrijfseconomie Budgets Is the use of budgets out of date? S.A.D. Sardjoe 298142ss July 12, 2009 Table of contents Chapter 1 Introduction 2 1.1 Purpose 2 1.2 Method 2 1.3 Scope 2 1.4 Outline 3 Chapter 2 Budgets 4 2.1 Definition of budgets 4 2.2 The use of budgets 5 2Read MoreEbooks Solution Manuals and Test Banks for Text Books19223 Words   |  77 Pagesservices regarding Solutions and Test Bank for courses. We hope that you people will like our service and get better grades. Please Contact us @ : Use CTRL + F to search the titles you looking for , if the title you searching is not in the list, do not worry, send us an email at and we shall try to provide you requested data.   =============================================================== Jr. 12 Solution Manual  ¡ArribaRead MoreSolution Manual, Test Bank and Instructor Manuals34836 Words   |  140 Pagesneed any solution manual, testbank for testbooks from the list, do contact us anytime, we provide competitive prices and fast delivery after payment done. Contact us: smtbportal(at)gmail(dot)com 2010 Corporate Partnership Estate and Gift Tax with HR Block TaxCut 4e Pratt Kulsrud Solution Manual 2010 Corporate Partnership Estate and Gift Tax with HR Block TaxCut 4e Pratt Kulsrud Test Bank 2010 Federal Taxation with HR Block TaxCut 4e Pratt Kulsrud Solution Manual Read MoreHotel Front Desk13861 Words   |  56 PagesC H A P T E R 2 Hotel Organization and the Front Office Manager O P E N I N G D I L E M M A CHAPTER FOCUS POINTS ââ€"   Organization of lodging At a recent staff meeting, the general manager of The Times Hotel asked if anyone wanted to address the group. The director of housekeeping indicated he was at a loss in trying to work with the front desk clerks. He had repeatedly called the desk clerks last Tuesday to let them know that general housecleaning would be performedRead MoreComputerisation of Banks9165 Words   |  37 PagesCHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY. The world as a global village has become so computerized that the use of computers is inevitable therefore makes them very important in all aspect of human life especially on the accounting field. Accounting system is a procedure that is designed by an organization for capturing all financial events and data in an organization. An accounting system after capturing and gathering all events and activities has the ability to processRead MoreBUS 475 Final Exam2905 Words   |  12 PagesPart 1, there are classes for it for five weeks that would tell different things. In the Bus 475 Capstone Part 1, there will be different multiple choice questions that will be provided to the students to test their understanding. After it, the solutions are also provided to check the correctness. This course involves the learning of the concepts like five stage model of group development, language used to manipulate data, business communication, demand management policies, hierarchy of the organization

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Double Life free essay sample

I am living a double life. At school, I’m an American, but at home, I’m Hmong. It is very difficult because my elders expect a lot from me, and because I’m a female Hmong student, many doubt my ability to do well. I will, however, prove them wrong and succeed. Their criticisms and stories will just make me stronger. My grandpa told me a story about the lack of education among the Hmong, and as he began, I could hear his pain and see the tears in his eyes. The education program in Laos is very poor so as an arbitrary test to attend school, you must be able to take your left arm, wrap it around the back of your head to the other side, and reach for your ears with your palm. This was devised to limit students due to the lack of money and space. We will write a custom essay sample on Double Life or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page My grandpa encouraged his little brother, Chue Fue, to try out for school, but he failed. Seeing my grandpa go to school every day left him devastated and reduced his motivation. My grandpa couldn’t stand the injustice so when he came home, he would teach Chue Fue everything he had learned. He wanted his brother to have the same education. My grandfather did this every day until they could better themselves by coming to America. After their arrival, my grandfather enrolled Chue Fue in school and went to night school so he could work to support his family during the day. My grandfather never stopped learning. Because of his brother’s determination and encouragement, Chue Fue graduated from the University of Minnesota. I know my grandpa wants me to succeed in my studies and reach my goals. I will carry on his courage because he is my hero and motivation. I have a lot of sympathy for those who are still in Laos. Like many others, I take what I have for granted. My mother has always told me that since those in Laos will never be as fortunate, I should learn as though I were learning for all of them. That is why I see college as a great opportunity for me to succeed. Someday I plan to go to Laos and teach them what I have learned. Before we can teach and re-teach, we must educate ourselves, which is why I will be a great asset to your college. I am determined and will strive for a better future, not only for myself and my family, but also for those who cannot better their lives on their own.

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Human Capital, Human Assets Intellectual Capital Essay Example

Human Capital, Human Assets Intellectual Capital Paper This essay discusses and explores the terms Human Capital, Human assets and Intellectual capital. Human capital is a way of defining and categorizing peoples skills and abilities as used in employment (Economic Review, 2004). According to Robert Heller, A business can realize the benefits of its greatest asset by winning the hearts, minds and spirit of people. Human assets are those personal qualities and characteristics that enhance the individual health, happiness and well being of each family member. The intellectual capital refers to the knowledge and knowing capability of a social collectivity such as an organization, intellectual community or professional practice (1998:245). The essay also focuses the way in which these terms are beneficial to HR managers to use these terms to assist themselves and communicating and planning human resource management strategies. Human capital is a way of defining and categorizing peoples skills and abilities as used in employment and otherwise contribute to the economy. It is a stock of asset one owns, which allows one to receive a flow of income, which is like interest earned. Human capital is substitutable i.e. it will not replace land, labor or capital totally, but it can be substituted for them to various degrees and be included as a separate variable in a production function. We will write a custom essay sample on Human Capital, Human Assets Intellectual Capital specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Human Capital, Human Assets Intellectual Capital specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Human Capital, Human Assets Intellectual Capital specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer While explaining human capital by the unique characteristics of knowledge: it is expandable and self generating with use. For example, a doctor gets more experience, her knowledge base will increase, as will her endowment of human capital. A free worker cannot sell human capital to receive money revenues, even a slave, whose human capital can be sold, does not earn an income himself or herself instead the slave owner gets the income under capitalism, to earn an income, a worker must submit to the authority of an employer who want to hire for a specified period of time. This means that the employer must be receiving an adequate rate of profit from his or her operations, so that the workers must be producing surplus-value i.e. doing work beyond that necessary to maintain their labor power ( Following Becker, the human capital literature often distinguishes between Specific and General human capital. Specific human capital refers to skills or knowledge that is useful only to a single employer, who will be likely willing to pay for it, where as general human capital such as literacy is useful to all employers. Thus human capital represents the single greatest potential asset and the single greatest potential liability that an organization will acquire as it goes about is business. While there are intangible assets, human capital is the only intangible assets that can be influenced, but never completely controlled, invested in wisely or wasted thoughtlessly and still have tremendous value. These distinguishing features are what make human capital unique. A business can realize the benefits of its greatest asset by winning the hearts, minds and spirit of the people (Robert Heller 2001). Human assets are those personal qualities and characteristics that enhance the individual health, happiness and well being of each family member. They include our health, values, talents, heritage, attitude, habits and time. While in case of a firms human assets consist of the employees and the collection of their knowledge, skills and abilities also known as human capital. The firm can buy the human capital by hiring employees and the firm can achieve human capital through, training, job experience etc. Most of the capabilities that a firm possesses can be linked to human capital and therefore this form of asset is considered critical for creating and sustaining competitive advantage (managing human assets in a uncertain world, 1999). However human assets, like other forms of assets have several uncertainties associated with it. The future value of human assets can be uncertain for example performance of employees may go down over time or job responsibilities may change causing a misfit between the person and job. The number of employees demand may fluctuate according to the market conditions. There may be demand unexpected for skills that the employees do not possess. Also, the costs of human assets in the form of wages, salaries, benefits etc, may also be uncertain. Human assets like other forms of assets have several uncertainties associated with it. There are three types of uncertainties in human assets uncertainty of return, uncertainties of volume and uncertainties of cost. Uncertainty of return. The future value of human assets can be uncertain. For example performance of employees may go down overtime or change in job responsibilities. Uncertainty of volume and combinations The number of employees demanded may fluctuate according to market conditions or unexpected demand for skills that the employees dont possess constitutes this uncertainty. Uncertainties of cost- They are associated with the high and fixed cost of employees especially when revenues are volatile. The top 10 areas to measure human assets, as recommended by Jack Fitz-enz, chair of the Saratoga Institute (now part of Spherions Human Capital Consulting Group), in a recent issue of Workforce magazine (www., wont all apply to your company, but some will: 1. Your most important issues: These are the targets of all lower-level measures. Focus on them and ensure that your metrics lead in a direct line to them. 2. Human capital value added: How do your workers optimize themselves for the good of the company and for themselves? This is the primary measure of an individuals contribution to profitability. 3. Human capital ROI: This is the ratio of dollars spent on pay and benefits to an adjusted profit figure. 4. Separation cost. How many people are leaving? From which departments? What does it cost the company? The average cost of separation for an employee is at least six months equivalent of revenue per employee. 5. Voluntary separation rate: Lost personnel equal potential lost opportunity, lost revenue, and the cost of workers having to fill the gaps under greater stress. Cutting the separation rate saves the cost of hiring and keeps customer service quality high. 6. Total labor-cost revenue percentage. This is total benefits and compensation cost as a percentage of organizational revenue and shows how much of what you are taking in through revenue goes to support the companys total labor cost, including temporary, seasonal, and contract or contingent workers. This metric can help you track changes in your workforce. Best approach: Compare it to your revenue factor and compensation, benefits, and contingent off-payroll costs. If the metric is rising, determine whether compensation or benefits costs are up or revenue is down. This will help you decide what actions to take. 7. Total compensation revenue percentage: This is the percentage of the companys revenues allocated to the direct costs of employees. It excludes costs for off-payroll employees who receive a 1099 form (as does the metric in number 6, above). Before creating strategies to address concerns, compare this metric to your revenue factor, compensation costs, and benefits costs to analyze what is happening with workers. 8. Training investment factor. Basic skills are crucial: Workers who cannot read, write, do simple calculations, or talk intelligently with customers need to have these skill deficiencies addressed. 9. Time to start. Recruitment will continue to be a challenge. The amount of the time it takes from approval of a job requisition until the person is on the job is a strategic indicator of revenue production. 10. Revenue factor. This is the basic measure understood by managers. The accumulation of exceptionally talented individuals is not enough for the organization. There must also be a desire for the employees to invest their skills and expertise in the organization and their position. The individuals must commit or engage with the organization if effective utilization of human capital is to happen. In addition, therefore, to human capital, there must also be social capital and organizational capital. These three forums of capital contribute to overall concept of intellectual capital. For Nahapiet Ghoshal (1998), intellectual capital refers to the knowledge and knowing capacity of a social collectivity, such as an organization, intellectual community or professional practice (1998:245) Intellectual capital consists of both people and systems. The stock of human capital consists of human i.e. the knowledge skills and abilities of people social capital is the valuable relationships among people and the organizational capital is the processes and routines within the firm. (Wright et. Al, 2001:716) Developing human capital therefore requires attention to these other complementarities. For a competitive advantage is to be achieved there must be integration between human, social and organizational capital, social capital increases the efficiency of action and aids cooperative behavior (Nahapiet Ghoshal 1998) Social relationship has an important influence on the development of both human and intellectual capital. For example individuals with better social capital and stronger contact networks will earn higher rates of return on their human capital (Garavan 2001:52). Attending to the conditions, under which people are prepared to share and act upon their knowledge is a major component of human capital management. The principle role of organizational capital is to link the resources of an organization. Together into process that create value for customers and sustainable competitive advantage for the firm (Dess Picken 1999:11). Thus the connections between human capital, social capital and organizational capital will produce intellectual capital. The suggested measuring approaches for intangibles fall into four main categories of measurement approaches. These categories are an extension of the classifications suggested by Luthy (1998) and Williams (2000). 1. Direct Intellectual Capital methods (DIC) Estimate the $-value of intangible assets by identifying its various components. Once these components are identified, they can be directly evaluated, either individually or as an aggregated coefficient. 2. Market Capitalization Methods (MCM) Calculate the difference between a companys market capitalization and its stockholders equity as the value of its intellectual capital or intangible assets. 3. Return on Assets methods (ROA) Average pre-tax earnings of a company for a period of time are divided by the average tangible assets of the company. The result is a company ROA that is then compared with its industry average. The difference is multiplied by the companys average tangible assets to calculate an average annual earning from the Intangibles. Dividing the above-average earnings by the companys average cost of capital or an interest rate, one can derive an estimate of the value of its intangible assets or intellectual capital. 4. Scorecard Methods (SC) The various components of intangible assets or intellectual capital are identified and indicators and indices are generated and reported in scorecards or as graphs. SC methods are similar to DIS methods, expect that no estimate is made of the $-value of the Intangible assets. A composite index may or may not be produced. These terms Human Capital, Human Assets and Intellectual Capital are inter related. They are very much useful to HR Managers for communicating and planning human resource management strategies. As human capital has uncertainties, a firm needs to manage these uncertainties. So that they do not affect the overall performance of the organization. Firms typically respond to adverse business conditions by down sizing, thereby losing valuable human capital with potentially adverse effects on the firms performance (Cascio, 2002). Human resource practices are mechanisms through which the human capitals of the firm are acquired. Human capital helps the HR managers to keep the employees motivated, maintained and acquired. HR practices have many positive impacts on the firm. HR options are investments in the human capital pool of an organization that provide the capability to respond to future contingent events. Human resource managers deploy human capital in order to limit downside risk and create opportunities for greater returns in the future. The HR options lie in allowing the firm to respond actively to uncertainties of human assets. Many of the HR practices are aimed at building a human capital pool able to deliver returns in the current time period under current conditions. However HR practices are also aimed at building a human capital capability to respond to future uncertain events (Wright and Snell, 1998). HR practices helps to build or maintain culture and communication. A company needs its managers to manage properly its human capital and human assets under various circumstances. Risks in returns for investments in human capital cannot be ignored and to do so would result in greater, rather than less variability in relationships with employees over time. HR options generate the capability for use managing changes incriminatingly. The extent use of HR options and their usefulness will depend upon the extent of risks associated with the human capital of the firm. In conclusion, many corporations around the world have found that measuring and managing intellectual capital can provide them with a competitive advantage. Adam Smith determined that human capital in different localities is valued in different ways. Human can be developed and cultivated, but it can also decide to leave the organization, become sick, disheartened and even influence others to behave in a way that may not be to the advantage of an employer. The performance of an organizations human capital, human assets or intellectual capital is not predicable or within the control of the employer.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Invisible Man Essays - Invisible Man, Brotherhood, Paint Factory

Invisible Man Essays - Invisible Man, Brotherhood, Paint Factory Invisible Man 1. In the Emerson's paint factory, the narrator first gets a job adding dope to bad paint and then is sent to work down in the basement of a building, where the oils for the paint are produced. The then gets into a fight with his foreman, and neglects his job of watching pressure gauges. His neglecting causes an explosion at Emerson's Paint factory and he is injured in the blast, and has to be taken to the hospital. 2. Brother Jack was the leader of the Brother hood. He was the one who sought out the narrator to become part of the Brotherhood. Tod Clifton was the youth leader of the Brotherhood. Tod was black and a handsum man, who lead the youth section of the Brotherhood, but in the end he betrayed the Brotherhood. Ras the Exhorter was a man against the Brotherhood. He wanted black versus white hate and was opposed to all the Brotherhood was up to. Sybil was a women in the Brotherhood, who was married. The narrator wanted to suduce her to find out what she knew, but she turned out to know nothing at all. 3. The symbolic significance of Mary's cast-iron coin bank is of what black people stand for to white people. The coin bank made the narrator angry, because it was symbolic of blacks, being slaves to white people, and how some white people though of black people as entertainment, and were not actually people but where just animals. 4. I believe that the narrator was unnamed for two reasons. One being that most of the novel was a flash back to things that had happened and he was explaining about himself, and we didn't need to know his name since we knew so much about him. Secondly because of the title of the book Invisible being mysterious, and to follow that the author decided not to tell the readers the narrators name to follow the mystery of the title. 5. The Brotherhood was an organization of people who believed in total unity of all of the races. Their purpose was to organize together as brothers and make every one of all nationalities and colors be in peace with each other, to respect every race as friends, as brothers.

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Energy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Energy - Assignment Example 1. Electrical energy: I use electrical energy originating from the state’s power house and travelling through power lines to reach my machines. The energy is renewable as the power plants are hydro-electric. In my chosen location, Sumter South Carolina, the most appropriate renewable source of energy is electrical energy. This is because the power house of South Carolina uses water to generate electricity. Water is ample here as there is good water management in this state. Rainwater also accumulates in dams which becomes a good source of electricity. Some people have also implemented solar panels but that is not a good idea as the changing season does not provide ample solar energy all the year. The two inappropriate sources of energy in this location include chemical energy and radiant energy. Chemical energy becomes inappropriate when people burn coal and other fossils for fire and other purposes. This causes pollution, thus making the environment not so green. An alternative is to use heat energy from gas heaters since South Carolina has a number of natural gas providers. Radiant energy, which originates from electromagnetic waves, is inappropriate when people use it to cook or warm food through unnatural means, such as the microwave. People are using microwaves more and more often to cook food, which makes it harmful when the radiant energy of the microwave comes into contact with the food particles over a prolonged period of time. Electrical energy is a safer alternative allowing local people to cook food on stoves. The advent of technology has greatly facilitated the implementation of renewable energy resources. Stapleton (2010, p.178) states that since there are billions of people who do not have access to clean water, sanitation, and modern services that produce affordable energy, the need for renewable energy (RE) technologies will be on its rise in the coming years to cater to the